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Customer Service

Chembiosys is usually able to provide immediate answer to price and availability questions and strives for a 24 hours on technical enquiries. Chembiosys´s Technical team/Customer Service staffs are enthusiastic, energetic and friendly.

Prioritise urgent orders

Source Products not usually part of our product line

Accommodate unusual requests

Competitive Pricing

Chembiosys aims to price its product line competitively. In cases where a compound is available from a number of different manufacturers, we can source the product from the most price competitive manufacturers.

Innovative Research Products

We are constantly expanding our product lines to keep abreast of advances in cutting edge research. Our manufacturers collaborate closely with researchers and welcome their input. We endeavour to keep our customers up to date with product line additions by routinely mailing out manufacturers Newsletters.

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Mobile NO :+91-8802297088 ,+91-8882070775

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